Create a unique experience

Bring your community together, maximize your reach, and leave a lasting impression with your guests.

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Multiple timeslots. One view.

Add a branded calendar to your website and give guests the ability to browse by date and time.

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Sell from your website

Allow guests to complete purchases directly on your website without being redirected.

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Stay on brand

Update colors and text to match your branding.

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Gather key insights

Collect information from your guests by adding questions to checkout.

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Sell anywhere

Create a cohesive experience across channels and devices.

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Maximize your revenue

Earn more by automatically adjusting prices based on demand.

Analyze event data

Set the right price

Analyze ticket, audience, and event data to understand your core pricing DNA.

Predict demand

Anticipate demand

Predict demand by accounting for external factors such as time of year and weather.

Adjust prices

Earn more money

Adjust prices based on demand drivers such as pre-sales, booking times, and more.

Dynamic models

Sell out your attraction

Shift demand during peak and off-peak times with dynamic price models.

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Case study

Attracting attendees with streamlined ticket sales

Baja Wine Tours For a Cause has seen an increase in their overall attendance and repeat business with the help of Universe's seamless purchase process. Learn more about their ticketing experience.

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Sell out your inventory

Reach new audiences, run campaigns and promotions, and drive results.

Sell your inventory
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List on Ticketmaster

Drive further awareness by listing your event on our affiliated websites.

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Run special promotions

Create discount codes for your events to sell out additional inventory.

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Capture visitors on your event page

Integrate with Google Analytics and create campaigns to reengage visitors who drop off.

Manage your data and team with ease

Make informed decisions to drive the success of your attraction.

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Understand your data

Create custom reports to track KPIs such as sales by channel or average ticket price.

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Get to know your fans

Identify trends and gather insights from your dashboard in real-time.

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Manage team permissions

Set user permissions to create the right level of access for your team.

Control your data
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Execute your onsite strategy

Manage check-in and last minute ticket sales with ease.

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Plan your onsite strategy

Rely on our team to help you map out an onsite strategy for your event.

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Scan and sell at-the-door

Use our BoxOffice app to scan tickets and process payments.

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Customize tickets and badges

Seamlessly integrate with third party providers to create a fully branded experience.

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Universe's custom event listings, Facebook integration, and embeddable solution gave our event exposure on the digital platforms where our target attendees feel comfortable buying. Also, having early access to our sales funds with Stripe Connect has been crucial to the success of our events.
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Tony Uribe Founder Baja Wine Tours for a Cause

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