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Keep it simple

Be up and running in minutes with a few basic details.

Customize every detail

Tailor not only what's displayed, but also what information you collect from your attendees.

Customize every detail
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Media assets

Tell a better story by including photos and videos as part of your event listing.

Icon checkout questions

Checkout questions

Add custom questions to the checkout flow to gather customer insights.

Icon discount codes

Discount codes

Create and manage your event discount codes to run personalized promotions.

Icon refund policy

Refund policy

Make refunds available leading up to your event or exclude them all together.

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Universe is extremely easy to use – set up is simple and we can start selling in the same day. The flexibility to change details on our event in real time is a helpful feature.
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Ryan Coffey Box Office Manager CenturyLink Field and Event Center
Sell tickets Big arrow right Learn how to sell tickets with Universe.

Seamless sales. Anywhere.

Sell tickets on any website, any device, anywhere in the world.

Cask Days · Toronto, Canada Photo: Connie Tsang

Say goodbye to redirects

Sell directly from your website and have complete control over your end-to-end experience.

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Enable one-click buying from your website.

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Display multiple ticket types alongside price in one view.

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Event Listing

Allow visitors to browse your full event inventory.

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Offer multiple dates and timeslots in one navigable view.

Sell more tickets

Capture every opportunity to make a sale.

Maximize your revenue

Earn more by automatically adjusting prices based on demand.

Analyze event data

Set the right price

Analyze ticket, audience, and event data to understand your core pricing DNA.

Predict demand

Anticipate demand

Predict demand by accounting for external factors such as time of year and weather.

Adjust prices

Earn more money

Adjust prices based on demand drivers such as pre-sales, booking times, and more.

Dynamic models

Sell out your event

Shift demand during peak and off-peak times with dynamic price models.

Take your sales global

Sell tickets anywhere in the world and give your attendees a localized experience.

Icon international currencies

International currencies

We offer transaction support across 11 international currencies.

Icon international languages

International languages

We currently support 15 languages around the globe.

Icon global payment methods

Global payment methods

We accept major credit and debit cards, and several popular global payment methods.

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Thanks to Universe’s integrations we were able to push our data over effortlessly. Selling tickets directly on our site provided a seamless experience that allowed our branding to shine through, resulting in fewer drop-offs and more sales!
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Alexandra Ames Director of Marketing TechCrunch
Promote your event Big arrow right Discover how to promote your event with Universe.

Market intelligently

Expand your reach, drive referrals, and watch your sales grow.

Simply Conference · New York, USA Photo: Simply Inc.

Get the word out

Push your events to Facebook, our Discover feed or partner websites.

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Promote on Facebook

Sync your Universe event with your Facebook page in a few clicks.

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Universe Discover

List your event on our marketplace to drive further awareness.

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Promote on Ticketmaster

List your event on one of the world's top ten ecommerce sites.

Get the word out

Engage your audience

Drive sales by leveraging your network and audience of loyal fans.

Engage your audience
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Social deals

Enable social sharing at check out to incentivize buyers to share your event.

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Affiliate tracking

Track where sales come from by creating custom referral codes.

Connect your existing tools

Let your data flow between Universe and popular marketing platforms.

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Google Analytics

Confidently know which channels and campaigns are driving ticket sales.

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Google Tag Manager

Deploy and manage multiple tracking codes and pixels without the help of IT.

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Facebook Pixel

Understand the ROI of your ads and retargeting strategies by automatically tracking purchases.

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Manage your email list by auto enrolling attendees to existing subscriber lists.

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Thanks to Universe’s social tools, specifically the Discover feature, we were able to reach new audiences and gain even more exposure.
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Joanna Waterfall Founder Yellow Conference
Manage your event Big arrow right Explore how to manage your event with Universe.

Work smarter

Make informed decisions with access to real time data and insights.

Red Bull Air Race · San Diego, USA Photo: Red Bull

Own your data

View a snapshot or detailed breakdown of your sales and attendee data.

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Account dashboard

Get a quick overview of sales to date from your dashboard.

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Detailed reports

All your data is organized into reports and available for direct download.

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Custom reports

Select from account or event level data and create custom downloadable reports.

Own your data

Complete control over your money

Choose between two payout options and get access to your money when you need it.

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Create a Stripe Account and get access to your funds on a rolling basis as tickets are sold.

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Get started with our native payout option and access your funds 48 hours after your event ends.

Manage every detail

Flexible options put you in control of your external communications, data, and team.

Team members
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Manage guests

Communicate one-on-one with your guests or message all attendees at once without leaving Universe.

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Manage data

Data you collect on your attendees is yours to keep we never share it with anyone.

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Manage teams

Set varying levels of permissions and ensure every team member has the right level of access.

Create smart automations

Seamlessly share data between applications in real time.

Icon zapier


Set up actions and triggers to automate manual tasks.

Icon graphql


Share data across multiple applications and partners with our open API.

Icon webhooks


Define actions and easily send information between applications.

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The Universe Dashboard provides us with a quick snapshot of our event metrics along with analytic reports that are clear, concise, and tailored to our company needs.
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Jay Hathaway Food Truck Festivals of America Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group
Scan tickets Big arrow right Learn about our onsite solutions.

Streamline onsite operations

Check-in guests, scan tickets, and sell at the door.

Yellow Conference · Los Angeles, USA Photo: Yellow Conference
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Eliminate wait times

Quickly scan printed or QR tickets at the door with our BoxOffice app.

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Never miss a walk up

Manage check-in and capture at the door sales with our integrated onsite solutions.

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Scanning and selling hardware

Rent a Linea device to scan and sell tickets at the door of your event.

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Custom tickets

Drive advance sales by batch printing physical tickets to distribute to retailers and partners.

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Printed tickets and badges

Simplify access control by printing tickets onsite or distributing badges to attendees.

Icon rfid


Gather more data on your attendees or use it to implement a cashless payment system.

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With over 50,000 eager guests lined up in advance for two days in a row, it was absolutely crucial that our partner could provide a seamless onsite experience. Thanks to Universe we were able to set up dedicated scanning and selling teams to quickly move guests through multiple entrences without a problem.
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Jon Laughner Consumer Marketing Manager RedBull + Mountain Sports International, Inc.
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