Launch a memorable experience

Bring your community together, maximize your reach, and leave a lasting impression with your fans.

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Let your brand shine

Sell directly from your website and have complete control over your fans’ experience.

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Sell anywhere

Create a cohesive experience across channels and devices.

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Stay on brand

Tailor the colors and text to match your own branding.

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Offer multiple dates and times

Give your fans an overview of event details and ticket options.

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Gather key insights

Collect information from your guests by adding questions to checkout.

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Case study

Raising brand awareness

Every year, TechCrunch successfully hosts unique brand activations to showcase recent advancements in the technology and startup industry. Learn more about their experience ticketing their Disrupt events with Universe.

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Optimize your marketing channels

Measure and tailor your marketing efforts to engage your fans.

Optimize marketing channels
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Track your affiliates

Identify the success of influencer campaigns using custom referral codes.

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Capture visitors on your event page

Integrate with Google Analytics and track your highest-converting traffic.

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Understand your marketing campaigns

Learn which campaigns are driving sales with Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.

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Send tailored communications

Connect with Mailchimp to create branded messages for your audience segments.

Manage your data and team with ease

Make informed decisions to move your brand forward.

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Understand your fans

Identify trends and gather insights from the dashboard in real-time.

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Download the data you need

Dig deeper into your data with detailed, customizable reports.

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Manage team permissions

Set user permissions to create the right level of access for your team.

Control your data
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Execute your onsite strategy

Manage check-in and last minute ticket sales with ease.

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Plan your onsite strategy

Rely on our team to help you map out an onsite strategy for your event.

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Scan and sell at-the-door

Use our BoxOffice app to scan tickets and process payments.

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Customize tickets and badges

Seamlessly integrate with third party providers to create a fully branded experience.

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With over 50,000 eager guests lined up in advance for two days in a row, it was absolutely crucial that our partner could provide a seamless onsite experience. Thanks to Universe we were able to set up dedicated scanning and selling teams to quickly move guests through multiple entrences without a problem.
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Jon Laughner Consumer Marketing Manager RedBull + Mountain Sports International, Inc.

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